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New Jersey's Dinosaurs On A Jurassic Park Website?

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Wow...remember the Jurassic Park Institute website? For those of you who don't, the following article appeared in a 12/01/2001 issue of THE Journal:

Universal Studios has launched the Jurassic Park Institute (JPI), a science-based and educationally focused program that will include a Web site, a dinosaur-themed in-school program, traveling dinosaur-themed museum exhibits, and an online kids club in partnership with Working with some of the world's leading paleontologists, JPI will be factual and scientifically accurate.

The first phase of the institute's development is the launch of, a Web site that features a variety of news, information, games, activities and guides for dinosaur enthusiasts. Visitors will find the latest dinosaur news, ranging from recent discoveries, to editorials from leading paleontologists, to entertainment news. Students will also be able to play a variety of dinosaur-themed games, and search through the Dinopedia to learn about their favorite dinosaurs and the world in which they lived. They can also locate dinosaur exhibits in their local areas. Beginning in early 2002, the site will be expanded to include a dynamic, in-school program. A series of traveling dinosaur exhibits is also set to begin in spring 2002.

The institute continues with the launch of JPI Rangers Club, a membership-based site located in's KidSpace channel. The club will provide members with exclusive educational online games and activities, an online journal and more. Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA,

I remember logging onto this awesome site on a daily basis and couldn't wait to see what was new! I hope one day we will see this amazing site resurrected. It really was a great idea and the possibilities could have been endless. One part I remember most from The Jurassic Park Institute was a section called "DINOPEDIA". On this page, you could access information on pretty much any dinosaur known at the time. You could even look up three dinosaurs from New Jersey! Well, Diplotomodon today is mostly considered a nomen dubium, which basically means "unknown." That said, enjoy the screenshots!

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